4 Inch Strip Bldg:
This beautiful building is located in Boulder Colorado and is primarily made up of Colorado Red 4 Inch Strip.

4 Inch Strip Building:
Another fine example of using a beautiful natural material such as Colorado Red 4 Inch Strip in construction purposes.

4 Inch Strip Wall:
Retaining wall constructed of Colorado Red 4 Inch Strip.

Building located in old town Longmont, CO constructed of various forms of Colorado Red Flagstone.

Pillars of home constructed of 4” Strip Colorado Red Flagstone with coping at top of pillar.

Front entrance to local bank utilizing Dimensional Cut Colorado Red Flagstone with coping at top and base.

Floor of bank constructed of Colorado Red Random Flagstone with Dimensional Cut pieces used for teller stations also in Colorado Red Flagstone.

Floor made up of Random pieces of Colorado Red Flagstone.

Building located in historical downtown Longmont, CO Constructed entirely of miscellaneous Colorado Red Flagstone.

Floor of building constructed of Random Colorado Red Flagstone Pieces.

Colorado Red Flagstone bench.



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