Buff Quarry

Buff 4 Inch:
Palletized Buff 4 Inch Strip also in assorted thicknesses.

Buff 4 Inch 2:
This is our Buff 4 Inch Strip palletized in assorted thicknesses.

Buff Flag:
Side view of Palletized Buff Flagstone.

Buff Flag 2:
Overhead shot of palletized premium quality Buff Flagstone.

Buff Quarry:
This is a shot of our open quarry producing premium quality Buff Flagstone.

Colorado Red Flagstone Quarry

Flagstone at Quarry:
Palletized Colorado Red Flagstone at Quarry location unwrapped prior to shipment.

4 Inch Strip at Quarry:
This is a shot showing multiple pallets of our Premium Quality Colorado Red 4 Inch Strip in its palletized form.

Flagstone at Quarry:
Colorado Red Flagstone in it’s palletized state at Colorado Red Quarry.

Pallets of Flagstone at Quarry:
Multiple pallets of Colorado Red Flagstone at our Quarry location ready for shipment. This picture shows the volume distributor that we are.

Truck and Loader at Quarry:
This picture shows us in the process of loading the truck with fine quality Colorado Red Flagstone to fill purchase orders.

Truck at Quarry:
Truck loaded with palletized, wrapped, Colorado Red Flagstone ready to be shipped.


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